Together, we can rise through. 

We all go through things, hard things.
We all have setbacks, roadblocks, loss, and heartbreak.
We all cry, stumble, and feel lost. 

But we all can also rise through.

Sometimes on our own, and sometimes with a little help.
I'm here to be that help for you. 

Like the lotus flower, we can grow and rise, despite the mud. 
Are you ready to rise through?

What it's like to work with me. 

I strongly believe that relationships heal, so I place value on the relationships I have with my clients. We will work collaboratively to take a look at things in your life that may be holding you back and how you can work to overcome them. I practice from a place of authenticity and that will come up for you in the way of honesty and empowerment. I want to help you see the beauty in the mud but also help you rise through it onto the other side. 

My training and experience.

I received my bachelor's degree in psychology then went on to obtain my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling. I have worked with a variety of different individuals, from a variety of different backgrounds, with a variety of different struggles. I have worked as a licensed therapist in inpatient settings, community mental health, and in a private practice. I am in love with helping people overcome their struggles, realize their potential, and live a more authentic life. I offer coaching services because it gives me, and you, the freedom to determine what will help you rise through instead of being dictated by outside influences. My specialties include working with millennials (and i'm a millennial myself!), life transitions, negative self-talk, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and figuring out how to actualize your potential. I incorporate yoga and mindfulness techniques into my work as those modalities help you accept life as it comes rather than pushing against it.